By Nick Roman

Opera quartet Vox delivered an absolute showstopper of a performance on America’s Got Talent 10!

The group has been singing separately for years, and they’ve been friends for just as long. But they’ve only been singing as a group for about a month. They don’t consider themselves a boy band, although they’ve tried to adopt a certain look that pegs them as one. But make no mistake, these are grown men, no matter how loudly they play New Kids On the Block over their introduction. Onstage, they all met in college, but admit they started Vox (which is Latin for “voice”) specifically for AGT.

Once onstage, they perform the iconic “Nessum Dorma,” and the results are beyond anything we might have expected. 

After the performance, Howie expresses his hope that the audience at home felt the power they felt in this room. He thinks America will come to think of Vox as “the classiest boy band there is.” Mel B says they all have great voices individually, and they’re even better together. She thought it was a homerun, and Heidi agrees, saying they did a great job. Howard didn’t expect them to sing opera, but states they won him over with their performance and their excellent song choice. All four judges say yes.


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